The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Publisher: Warne

Peter Rabbit and his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail go out to play while mother is out shopping. There's one place they're not allowed: Mr Macgregor's garden, where Peter's poor father met a sticky end, once upon a time.

However, naughty Peter pays his mother's advice no heed and sneaks under the gate to munch on Mr Macgregor's delicious carrots. Even though Peter makes a hurried escape, his over-full tummy is his final undoing when mother puts him to bed without any dinner and just a cup of chamomile tea.

Beatrix Potter's iconic tale of the naughty rabbit has been a favourite with children and parents ever since it was published in 1902. Potter's charming, expressive rabbits have a timeless charm, and the story of the gentle consequences of disobeying one's parents is as relevant as ever.

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