The Strongest Mum

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books


Little Bear’s mummy is super strong. She’ll happily carry all the treasures that Little Bear finds when they’re out and about in her amazingly spacious handbag: she’s got spare pants, nose balm, a stick, bouncy ball, sand, a book and an emergency chocolate bar in there, too.

As well as carrying everything for Little Bear, Mum helps her friends out too, carrying Zebra’s shopping and Lion’s laundry without complaint. Yet, one day, Mummy suddenly feels tired and can’t carry everything, and it’s time for Little Bear to lend a hand.

Children’s books celebrating mums often focus on all the great things mums do and how tireless and inventive they are, so it’s lovely to see a story about a hardworking mum that gets tired and sometimes needs a bit of help. The last spread showing Little Bear helping to carry the shopping because he is growing up to be big and strong will help children see that helping out is part of being big boys and girls, allowing their mum and dad to continue being brilliant.

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