The Story of Ferdinand

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Once upon a time in Spain, there lived a little bull named Ferdinand. He didn’t like to run around and butt heads with the other little bulls – instead he liked to sit in the shade of his favourite tree and smell the flowers. Later, when he grows up big and strong, Ferdinand still doesn’t care about fighting and butting heads with the other bulls; but his great size and strength catch the eye of the men who want to send him to Madrid to fight the Matador.

First published in the 1930s, Munro Leaf’s powerful, simple story about appreciating the beauty of the world and simply being yourself has never been out of print, and its clever portrayal of a big, strong animal normally associated with violence having no interest in fighting - preferring instead to enjoy quiet, gentle things - is remarkably forward-thinking for its time. Robert Lawson’s delicate ink illustrations are filled with expression and movement, and perfectly complement the book’s unusual black, white, and red colour scheme, as well as its gentle humour.

A beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring picture book, and one to read again and again.

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