The Royal Bake Off

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Publisher: Bloomsbury

The third instalment of Beauvais' short adventure stories about Holly and Anna Burnbright, as they try to earn enough money to go on a Holy Moly Holiday.

So far they've been cheated out of their earnings by Britland's parsimonious King Steve and Queen Sheila, but they have high hopes that they can help the royal pair win the Royal Bake Off and enough money for their trip. Gathering the ingredients and cooking the cakes isn't as easy as they thought, and they endure some hair-raising adventures in Americanada, while outwitting some thoroughly dastardly royal plots.

Richly sprinkled with Moor's illustrations, the chapters are short, and the pages swiftly turned, liberally sprinkled with Beauvais' humorous, punning prose. Good fun all round!

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