The Roman Mystery Scrolls: The Sewer Demon

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

In the port of Ostia, Threptus’ future is looking bright. Formerly a beggar boy, he is now being mentored by freelance soothsayer Floridus who specialises in the sale of amulets and the removal of demons.

When a wealthy widow needs help to rid her home of an evil spirit and Floridus finds himself fleeing the local magistrate, Threptus lends a hand by descending into the sewers of the town where he finds invaluable information which benefits them both.

The first book in a new series by the acclaimed author of The Roman Mysteries, but aimed at a slightly younger readership, the story is historically accurate, wonderfully atmospheric, peppered with humour and, being set in a sewer, features plenty of poo, wee, bottoms and farting.

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