The Rapping Princess

Publisher: Faber

Shiloh is a princess and has everything a princess could possibly want – a huge castle to live in, a swimming pool, and even a magic mirror. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have: a singing voice.

You see, all the other princesses in the kingdom can sing: there’s Adanna, who can really belt out a tune; and Shaya, whose voice is full of soul. Then there’s Sade, Thandie, Shanique and Kenya, who can all sing beautifully too.

What Shiloh can do is rap – in fact, she has better flow than all the princes of the land put together. But she’s a princess – she’s supposed to sing, not rap. Desperate to be like her sisters, Shiloh consults a doctor, hires a vocal coach, and even tries concocting a smelly potion... but nothing works.

In despair, Princess Shiloh seeks comfort from her magic mirror. While doing so, she discovers something – she’s had talent all along. Will she finally embrace her differences and stand out from the crowd?

From the creative duo who brought us the award-winning My Hair, this is a hip-hopping fairy tale about standing out and accepting your uniqueness. The book is bursting with energy and joy, making it perfect to read (or rap) aloud and enjoy together.

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