The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Great news! This bedtime story only has ten words. It’s a brilliant story you’ll love, share and never forget. But first of all… you must promise to go to sleep at the end of it. You also need to do a warm up, a stretch, settle all your toys down, plump up all the pillows, turn the pages and, well, quite a few things actually. Will you ever get to read the ten-word story?

This is a very enjoyable interactive book that will have children giggling every night. Be warned – it does NOT make for a quick bedtime read! Which is the joy of it, of course. Children will love performing all the necessary actions, which involve noise and much moving around, although it does wind down to a calmer ending, naturally. And they will have promised to go to sleep afterwards, which you can hold them to.

The gorgeous illustrations show five friendly, energetic animals (well, four, as one is already asleep!). There are some lovely details to spot, such as the duck’s shower cap (and teeth!) and an ET moment with the soft toys. Huge fun.

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