The Prehistoric Times: The Newspaper for Discerning Dinosaurs

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books / Natural History Museum

The Prehistoric Times is out! Don’t worry if you can’t remember reading it before, as it’s been a while since the last issue. Several thousand years, in fact. Luckily, this issue is so packed full of dinosaur facts, quizzes and amusing ads for things like Fake-A-Plate™ strap-on armour and Dye-Nosaur Bright skin dye (derived from the finest berries and plants) that you’ll be caught up in no time.

Presented in a style between vintage tabloid newspaper and puzzle book, The Prehistoric Times is huge fun for kids looking for something different to satisfy their dino appetites. It’s a dip-in, dip-out kind of book, perfect for fans of non-fiction, as well as reluctant readers who can read a bit at a time and do the puzzles – or just have a few laughs at the general silliness.

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