My Secret War Diary, by Flossie Albright

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My History of the Second World War 1939-1945

Publisher: Walker Books


Following Archie's War, which recorded in diary form the First World War home-front experience of a ten year old, Williams now turns to Archie's daughter, Flossie Albright.

She presents a vivid, private view into the life of a motherless girl between nine and fifteen years old, with a baby brother and a father away at the war. Through Flossie we see the fear, privation and great humour found in Britain 1939-45, and through her father's letters to her we also see something of the events of the war itself.

Williams again presents her account as a hardback scrapbook diary, handwritten, illustrated with drawings, cuttings and pop-ups, which supply great visual immediacy, and the opportunity for KS2 readers to identify closely with Flossie's experience.

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