The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist

Publisher: Gecko Press

In a family of thieves, Theo Pincher is the only person who cannot lie. In fact, he hopes to become a police officer when he grows up, although he's not yet shared this ambition with his family.

Theo's parents, Nic and Rob, are thrilled when they learn that the famous Gold Diamond is being exhibited that evening at the Royal Palace. Insisting they just want to look at the jewel, and definitely not touch it, the pair go to the exhibition, leaving Theo at home to look after his little sister Ellen.

However, when Ellen insists that only an adult can read her bedtime story, the children decide their only option is to visit their grandma, Stola Pincher, in jail.

Translated from Swedish, this hilarious crime caper has it all: a dazzling diamond, sticks of dynamite, false beards and even a daring jailbreak. The short chapters feature plenty of colourful, quirky illustrations, which bring the eccentric characters to life.

Readers are sure to enjoy the criminal activities at the end of the book, including a quiz to determine what type of thief they would be and a name generator to create their own criminal identity.

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