The Paper and Hearts Society

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Publisher: Hodder

Tabby hopes that moving to a new town will finally release her from the relentless bullying of her ex-best friend. But social media can follow you anywhere.

Although making new friends isn’t her first priority (she’d rather curl up with a good book than go to a party), Tabby is intrigued by the idea of a book club for teens and her love of books overpowers her crippling social anxiety for long enough to go along to a meet-up in the park.

Could Tabby finally have found a place to truly be herself or will her past come back to haunt her and potentially ruin everything?

An absolute must for anyone who is fed up with trying to fit in, this debut novel from a well-known book blogger and YouTuber celebrates difference and individuality. As Tabby comes to realise, true friendship means accepting people for who they are and life is all the better for its messiness as that’s what makes the good times even better.

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