Asking for a Friend

Publisher: Firefly Press

Teenagers Agnes, Hattie and Jake know each other from the school bus. After convincing their parents that a change of scene will help them to focus on exam revision, they embark on a week’s study break together to Weston-super-Mare. However, they each have a personal reason for wanting to get away.

Agnes wants to visit her elder sister to persuade her to move back home to Manchester; Hattie is laying low after being shunned by her tight-knit circle of friends, following an incident at a party; and Jake is concerned that he is seriously ill but is too frightened to tell anyone. Throughout the trip, they share some important moments and come to understand the nature of true friendship, each realising that they cannot run away from their fears but must face them head on.

This touching novel is sensitively written and explores a number of issues, such as loneliness, bullying, illness and loyalty with honesty, warmth and humour.

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