The Nose, Toes and Tummy Book

Publisher: Andersen Press

This is your nose. What happens when I press it? BEEP! What a noisy nose!

This charming book talks directly to the baby listening, as the adult presses their nose, smells their feet and kisses their tummy. It focuses on specific body parts, and then culminates in the adult using their arms to hold the baby tight and love them from top to toe. The final word is ‘Goodnight’, ideally meaning the baby goes to sleep feeling loved, after many giggles.

Written with gentle humour and much warmth, this is infused with love for tiny people. Various different adults and babies are depicted throughout in an inclusive way, so that many families can feel represented. The blocky, retro-style illustrations and colour palette give it a quirky feel that’s very different to many baby books, which is a refreshing change.

Nervous new parents might find it useful in suggesting ways to interact with their babies, and it will no doubt be popular with toddlers too, who often like to be fussed over like babies. Plus, there is nothing funnier than a nose that beeps. A lovely bedtime book.

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