The Mightiest Bite

Publisher: Andersen Press

In this fun and riotous picture book, a cast of animals – some big and some bite-sized - squabble it out over who has the mightiest bite of all... A young girl takes a chomp out of a juicy apple and wonders whether she might just have the mightiest bite in the entire world. However, it is not long before a rabbit, a dog, a hippo, and a whole host of bite-y animals arrive to prove themselves the mightiest.

Cobra may only have two fangs, but those fangs release one mighty, dangerous poison. Meanwhile, Crocodile has eighty sharp, pointy gnashers and surely one of the strongest bites of all. But Hippo, Lion, and an enormous T-Rex certainly do not agree. While each animal fights their case, it might just be up to a tiniest of the biters – Mosquito – to outsmart them all!

With its lively, expressive illustrations and an original and light-hearted narrative, young readers will enjoy seeing the chaos unfold amongst the animals and deciding on which animal they think has the mightiest bite. There is a subtle learning element to the story with simple facts about each animal’s bite and it can open a discussion about what being mighty actually means. Maybe being mighty is not about being the scariest or the strongest but rather the bravest or the smartest!

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