The Matilda Effect

Publisher: Corgi

Did you know that ‘The Matilda effect’ is an actual thing – a bias against recognising the achievements of women scientists?

Taking its cue from this worrying trend, The Matilda Effect tells the story of a little girl, called Matilda, who loves science and wants to be an inventor.

Soon, Matilda discovers that her grandma was once an astrophysicist who actually discovered a planet. However, Grandma Joss’ boss took all the credit – and he’s about to be given the Nobel Prize. Can Matilda and her grandma get to Sweden in time to stop the ceremony and tell the truth?

This funny, fast-paced chapter book sweeps you along for the ride. Your child will be at the edge of their seat as Matilda and Grandma Joss encounter all manner of madcap adventures.

It’s a very nice touch that Ellie Irving, at the end, includes a list of Matilda’s favourite inventors, plus some science experiments to try at home. Inspiring stuff, indeed. 

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