The Last of the Spirits

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Publisher: Bloomsbury

Since Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol it has been retold many times and in many ways.  In this retelling Chris Priestley shows the reader Dickensian London through the eyes of two orphan children who are living on the streets. They follow Mr Scrooge and this leads to the magic that causes him to change his ways also touching their own lives. Allowing them to visit their past and see into their possible future. 

Chris Priestley carefully follows the original Dickens story but dips in and out of it weaving the lives of the two children, Sam and Lizzie into the story. An engaging version of a classic story has been created by making the children the focus of the story.

This book is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who has watched and loved a film adaptation of A Christmas Carol but who isn't quite ready for Dickens himself just yet!

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