Nisha's War

Publisher: Chicken House

It’s 1942 and Nisha and her mother, Amma, have arrived at the home of her seemingly unsympathetic grandmother in the chilly North of England. They come as refugees, having been forced to flee their life in Singapore by the murderous invasion of Japanese troops.

Haunted by the trauma of bombs, betrayal and the loss of her father, Nisha hopes to find some peace in England. But when Amma is struck down by a life-threatening illness, she is left alone to navigate her grandmother’s countless rules and the unhospitable locals. When a ghostly child offers to save her mother in exchange for three truths, Nisha feels she has to agree despite the grave danger she faces. 

A spine-chilling and unnerving story about an Anglo-Indian refugee and her family's experience of the Second World War - one story often overlooked. Nisha’s harrowing accounts are revealed only gradually through a ‘truth journal’ as events in the present resurrect unwelcome memories from the past.

The presence and influence of Nisha’s ghosts are so convincing that if you think you don’t believe in ghosts, this might just be the book to change your mind.

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