Nisha's War

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Publisher: Chicken House

It’s 1942 and Nisha has just arrived at Barrow Island in Northumbria, after fleeing the Japanese invasion of Singapore. The island is cold, grey and very different to her beloved home in Malaya. Her strict English grandmother has lots of rules and doesn’t seem very pleased to have Nisha there, and the house is full of strangeness and secrets, like the twisted ‘Weeping Tree’ on the clifftop and the ghostly boy only Nisha can see.

Nisha is haunted by the things she’s seen, her mum is sick and her dad is missing. The ghost boy promises he can help, but first Nisha must find three lost treasures and bring them to him before the full moon. But he cannot tell her what the treasures are; Nisha must find them for herself. Will Nisha unlock the secrets hidden in the house and find the mysterious treasures she needs?

Starring an Anglo-Indian refugee and her family's experience of WWII, the story of Nisha navigating her new world on Barrow Island and searching for the mysterious treasures is interwoven with diary entries recounting her traumatic journey. A captivating story of hope and courage, blending together themes of the war experience, family and the ghosts we carry with us.

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