The Ice Bear Miracle

Publisher: Oxford University Press

When Marv Jackson was little, he survived a polar bear attack out on the frozen River Raven, deep in the frozen north of Canada. He knows that he saw a fierce, curly-haired baby in a basket out on the ice that night, and protected her from the bear cub. Yet, no baby was ever found, and no-one in his village believes a baby was ever there.

Fast forward eight years and Tuesday, an ice skater, and Promise, her skating polar bear, are part of a travelling carnival. When ice hockey-mad Marv finds out about Tuesday and her bear, something clicks. Could Tuesday be the baby he saw on the ice so many years ago? And is she really safe under the protection of her wolfish grandma, the fierce and strict Gretta?

Full of fairy tale magic and snowy mystery, The Ice Bear Miracle spins together legend and real life into a fantastical and heartfelt tale of family and belonging. Tuesday’s loyalty to her bear is written with love by Burnell, who has an immense talent for infusing the magical with warmth and affection. Perfect for any child who has wished for an animal best friend, Promise is a companion to Philip Pullman’s (slightly fiercer) Iorek Byrnison.

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