The Hot Cross Bunny

Publisher: Happy Yak

Steve is a cross bunny. He hasn't grown any chocolate eggs in time for Easter. He will just have to invent his own recipe.

But imagine his surprise when a DRAGON bursts out of his special egg. And when the dragon flies into the Real World, Steve and his friend Nugget the chicken must go after it and stop it from eating all the chocolate eggs.

This picture book is a riot. The colourful illustrations have lots of enjoyable details to spot, and Steve's facial expressions are hilarious, as are the dragon's when he's adventuring in the Real World.

The jaunty, rhyming text is great fun to read aloud – and there's a surprise at the end that children will love, while adults might find themselves feeling somewhat queasy. Overall, though, this has eggs-cellent themes of 'doing the right thing' and friendship.

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