Supertato: The Great Eggscape

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

It’s night time in the supermarket and the Evil Pea has barricaded himself inside a castle of easter egg boxes, having taken control of ALL of the chocolate eggs.

But when Supertato disguises himself as an easter egg in some natty foil, Evil Pea sees through his cunning plan and imprisons the heroic potato in a box. Not even a Easter-themed Trojan Horse plan is going to get past this evil vegetable… so what will? Fortunately, in the nick of time, a surprise Easter hero arrives and restores the Seasonal Aisle to all its eggy glory.

Hendra and Linnet’s Supertato series goes from strength to strength, and this seasonal addition to a very accessible and funny picture book series is a perfect read for Easter or any time of year.

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Author: Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

It’s night-time in the supermarket and all is quiet and still. But wait. Something has escaped from the freezer, something with evil plans. This little escapee (or escapea?) wants to cause chaos. Can Supertato save the day? A hilarious and anarchic story with truly brilliant characters – one that you'll be asked to read again and again.

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Supertato: Veggies in the Valley of Doom

Author: Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

The latest book in the Supertato series brings another fast-paced and colourful story, full of exciting twists and turns. But as well as being an adventure story full of fun and laughter, it’s also a sweet tale about friends who always look out for each other. 

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