The Hawkweed Prophecy

Publisher: Orchard Books

Poppy has never belonged. She and her dad are on their eleventh new house and her eleventh school - and Poppy's resigned to everything going wrong again. Her only friends are Leo, a homeless boy and some local cats.

Ember Hawkweed is a witch. An ancient prophecy predicts that she or her cousin will become the next clan Queen. Ember's power-hungry aunt, Raven, is determined that this should be her daughter, not misfit Ember. 

But when Ember and Poppy accidentally meet, they're instinctively drawn to each other.  The discovery that they were swapped at birth prompts a rethink of their lives and opinions. Can they escape the prophecy?

Strong characters, complex relationships, and important themes of family, belonging, identity, love and loneliness, drive this absorbing story of magic and painful family secrets.

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