The Great Dragon Bake Off

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Flamie Oliver is a terrifying dragon with a secret: he's passionate about pastry! While the other dragons - Heston Blowitall, Scaly Berry and Paul Firewood - are practising their dastardly dragon deeds at the Ferocious Dragon Academy, Flamie slips away to the kitchen to practise his choux pastry swans. But when he fails all his dragon exams, Miss Puffitup insists that there's only one thing he can do to graduate: kidnap a princess and eat her!

However, when Flamie does kidnap Princess Rosewater, he finds that it's tough to come up with just the right recipe to eat her up - and that's because princesses aren't meant to be eaten!

Fortunately, Princess Rosewater has a plan that means everyone can devour delicious, non-princessy treats. An eye-catching and fun read about being yourself, this delicious book is a must for all Bake Off fans.

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