The Golden Hare

Publisher: O’Brien

Meara and her grandfather go off into the countryside to look for the mythical Golden Hare, a creature that Meara’s grandad’s own grandfather told him about when he was a child.

As they walk, they find plenty of other wonderful wildlife: a goldfinch, frogs, herons and butterflies. Grandad tells Meara all the wonderful things that his grandfather taught him, from learning about Painted Lady butterflies to jellyfish, dandelions, the sun and the moon.  

The next day, as they head home, Grandad gives Meara a special notebook with a golden hare on the cover, so that she can fill it with all her observations, notes and drawings of nature. They may not have found the special Golden Hare, but Meara has learnt lots about the nature around her – and reverence, curiosity, and a new appreciation for it, too. 

Paddy Donnelly’s lovely book – inspired by aunusual type of hare found on Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland – is a must for young nature lovers, or for anyone looking for a sweet, calming read with some lovely nature facts woven in.

Donnelly’s artwork is absolutely beautiful and very expressive, and Meara and her grandad’s relationship is heartwarming – a lovely book to be read at bedtime, especially by grandparents.

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