Lollipop and Grandpa and the Back Garden Safari

Publisher: Phoenix Yard Books

Grandpa and Lollipop, neither of them strangers to adventure, are off on a back garden safari, with binoculars, maps and sandwiches - this could be hungry work! They spot their first animal, lurking in the pond: a fierce Croco-logus, big enough to chew Lollipop into tiny bits.

Phew! They manage to sneak past but they’re far from safe; they must still face the Hippo-Potta-Compost, the Snake-Pipe and the Chimpan-Trees.  At last they can settle down to their lunch.  But suddenly a terrifying Clothes-Lion appears...

There’s a spiky energy to the illustrations of this picture book about an imaginative adventure shared by a grand-daughter and grandfather. Children will enjoy the sense of suspense created as they follow the events of the story, and the frisson of uncertainty about what will happen next.

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