The Girl With Two Dads

Publisher: Egmont

Pearl is really excited: there’s going to be a new girl in her class, and she can’t wait to be the first to make friends. So, when Matilda shoots her a big grin as she’s saying goodbye to her dad in the playground, Pearl knows they’re going to get along great. Yet, the next day, Pearl sees Matilda saying goodbye to a different dad. What’s going on?

When Matilda explains that she has two dads – a doctor and a builder – Pearl assumes that means double the fun, because if Matilda’s dads are anything like as silly as hers is, then having dinner at her new friend’s house will be a riot. However, Pearl is underwhelmed to learn that Matilda’s two dads have possibly even more rules than her parents, and are actually quite boring.

Elliott’s bright picture book featuring the friendship between two energetic girls is a great representation of a family with two dads and how, of course, having two dads is exactly the same as having a mum and dad, especially when it comes to rules, mealtimes and all the usual parent-y things. This is a lovely read with a straightforward message, perfect for families of all kinds.

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