The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Minnow’s life is full of magic and wonder that she takes for granted: her ability to swim deeper and for longer than anyone else; the strange, intriguing but somehow menacing songs that her mother, Mercy, has sung to her since she was a child.

But she has always felt safe: Mercy has always seemed unbreakable. Until the day that three men board their boat, talking about catching a mermaid, and take Mercy away with them.

Suddenly, Minnow is on her own, with a desperate mission: to sail to Iceland single-handed. But the adventure is only just beginning… And mermaids are only part of the magic.

The lyrical, breathless prose and relentless onslaught of new characters and images – each more bizarre and wonderful than the last – make this a cross between China Miéville and Liz Kessler. Burnell’s imagination is marvellous and readers who enjoy Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s books, or are looking for a slightly more teenaged version of the Emily Windsnap series, should try this. 

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