The Edge Chronicles: Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

Publisher: Corgi

The third and final book of the Twig Saga introduces new trials and obstacles for our protagonist Twig to overcome. Now a sky pirate captain in his own right, Twig is forewarned of an approaching storm over the floating city of Sanctaphrax, but loses his memory in the chaos when the vortex of the Mother Storm from the previous book collapses and destroys his sky ship. Twig teams up with a young student from Sanctaphrax named Cowlquape to search for his lost crew mates and save the day.

Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell bring the Twig Saga to a triumphant conclusion, keeping each edition fresh and unique with the introduction of new characters, creatures and places, which are in turn beautifully illustrated. Paul Stewart also introduces complex and dark issues which are not commonly found in children's books, such as slavery, which are always handled appropriately. Readers will also perceive how Twig has grown immensely in character over the course of the series, while the new point of view from Cowlquape adds a welcome dimension to the story. The adventuring in this quirky, imaginative world has readers enchanted and completely invested into what's going to happen to Twig and his crew next.

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