The Day No One Woke Up

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Ana has known Tio forever. They used to be best friends but lately things have changed between them. He just doesn’t seem to like her anymore and takes every opportunity to poke fun at her and be mean. Then, the world turns weird.

On Monday, bad stuff happens. On Tuesday some very strange stuff happens. On Wednesday no one wakes up; except Ana and Tio. And someone who can’t be seen is taking notes; and watching.

Alone in a sleeping world, can Ana and Tio bury their differences long enough to follow the clues and work out what’s going on and how to rescue the human race? And can they find out exactly who, or what, is watching them?

This tense and intriguing sci-fi mystery will keep readers gripped as Tio and Ana navigate a town with no cars, buses, cyclists, dogs or people. The overall atmosphere is creepy and unnerving with one or two genuinely spine-tingling moments.

Underlying the sinister goings-on is a story about communication and how people, even those closest to you, can’t always guess what you’re thinking and feeling. Sometimes you need to put your worries and anxiety into words.

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