Sleepover Takeover

Publisher: Scholastic

Otis and his mate, Jagger, are the class dorks – and very happy about it. But when they get an unexpected invitation to cool-kid Rocco’s birthday sleepover, they can’t resist the temptation to go along.

The party is spectacular. That is, until Otis wakes next morning to a scene of absolute carnage: a rampant donkey is wrecking the marquee and plastering everything with chocolate from last night’s fountain, Rocco has a new tattoo on his forehead, and Otis is inexplicably wearing a wedding dress. But, oddest of all, no-one can remember what happened.

As the rest of the guests make a hasty exit, Otis, Rocco, Other Chloe and Tiana must team-up to try and solve the mystery, clear up the mess - and find Jagger.

This is a fantastically funny, exciting, unexpected, and sometimes touching, mystery thriller which leads the youngsters to some very strange places before culminating in a dramatic, slapstick finale. With non-stereotypical gender representation and important themes of self-discovery and the real nature of friendship, this is a book to inspire you to wear your weirdness with pride.

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