The Curse of the Tomb Robbers

Publisher: Nosy Crow

It’s 1422 BC, and a terrible crime is about to unfold in ancient Egypt. Apprentice scribe Nub and his friend Iteti, the daughter of a Vizier (an adviser of the pharoah) are on the case to stop a gang of robbers raiding Queen Neith’s tomb before a deadly curse is unleashed. However, they need the reader’s help to solve 11 puzzles to do so!

This clever picture book aimed at older primary readers combines an adventure story with a series of hieroglyph codes to crack, with a comprehensive fold-out guide to hieroglyph meanings and letters at the back of the book.  The book also includes “Did you know?” fact bubbles throughout, detailing the pyramids, embalming, grave robbing and many more elements of the ancient Egyptian world.

Published in collaboration with The British Museum, The Curse of the Tomb Robbers is an excellent fiction/non-fiction hybrid read with plenty of challenge for older primary readers: there’s quite a lot of text, and the puzzles aren’t that easy either! It will certainly keep 8-9 year olds occupied for a good amount of time, and satisfy young Egyptologists as well as any children that enjoy puzzles and adventure.

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