Alice Éclair Spy Extraordinaire: A Recipe for Trouble

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Alice Éclair is a remarkable 13-year-old girl. By day she is a baker, working alongside her mother in their exclusive Parisian patisserie. At night, Alice is a spy, who sneaks through the streets of Paris, solving clues, decoding ciphers and delivering packages. After deciphering a series of tricky coded messages, she embarks on her greatest mission yet. She is instructed to board a luxurious steam train, the Sapphire Express, and tasked with acquiring papers from an enemy agent. If she fails, the safety of France will be at risk.

In the guise of a top pastry chef, she gains access to the train and attempts to deduce which of the passengers is the mystery agent. Alice must be quick-witted and resourceful if she is to outsmart her enemy, but it seems everyone has something to hide and Alice is unsure who to trust.

Set in France just before the Second World War, this thrilling tale seamlessly combines espionage and baking, and is packed full of intrigue and exquisite, mouth-watering pastries. The pacey plot, engaging characters and a dash of humour will keep readers hooked as they try to solve the clues alongside Alice.

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