The Clue is in the Poo and Other Stuff Too

Publisher: Quarto Publishing

Packed full of fascinating facts and flashes of humour, this non-fiction picture book encourages children to become wildlife detectives. Broadly divided into sections, the book explains how animals from around the world can be identified and tracked using the clues they leave behind, such as poo, footprints, habitat and diet.

Learn how the size, shape, smell and contents of animal faeces provides a wealth of information about the creature which left it. Children will even discover that some caterpillars stick poo on their back as camouflage against hungry birds. Several pages are dedicated to "dangerous things to track", from lions and snakes to polar bears and wolves, and include tips on where to look for them and how to stay safe.

The contents page and index allow readers to navigate easily around the book, while a picture quiz at the end of each section tests what they have learned. Watercolour illustrations provide an informative visual accompaniment to the interesting text. Ideal for any animal enthusiast, this would also be a useful addition to the classroom for use on wildlife projects.

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