The Circle Breakers

Publisher: Canongate

Elle and The Infinites are back with a new mission. But this time it’s one of their arch enemies asking for help. The Grandfather, who is one of The Vicious Circle, a time-jumping criminal gang, wants them to find out who’s behind mysterious notes and anonymous threats to the gang’s stability.

The Infinites don’t want to help but, if they don’t, there is a risk that their own identities will be made public, which would have devastating consequences. And so begins a dizzying and disorientating adventure that has them zigzagging across time, from 2050 to the Victorian great railway age.

A great, thrilling timeslip adventure which embraces diversity and inclusion. Elle is a strong protagonist who is Black and autistic. Another main character communicates with sign language while others have their own idiosyncrasies and overcome obstacles to contribute to a powerful team.

This is the third book in The Leap Cycle series and builds on events in the first two instalments. With a plot that is so crammed with secrets it can be a challenge to keep track of who knows what, The Circle Breakers will be enjoyed most by those who are familiar with the characters and storylines.

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