The Infinite

Publisher: Canongate

Elle Bibi-Imbelé Ifiè loves her name, running, white food and her Nigerian heritage. She dislikes eye contact, being stared at, too much noise, bullies and anything that makes her head too full. But perhaps the most exceptional thing about Elle is her birth date: born on the 29th February, Elle is one of the very rare Leaplings who have ‘The Gift’: the ability to leap backwards and forwards through time.

When she receives an SOS message from the future, Elle has to fight down her panic and take advantage of a school trip to 2048 to solve the mystery of disappearing Leaplings and save the potential of the future from the mistakes of the present.

The Infinite is the first book of The Leap Cycle series, a science fiction adventure across time that is fresh, exciting, bold and witty. With a diverse cast of unique individuals and a fascinating and complex narrator, the plot is character-driven and thought-provoking with ethical undertones.  

The sparky friendship between Elle and her best friend Big Ben is touching, entertaining and inspiring and their inevitable band of fans will be itching with anticipation for further books in the series.

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