The Infinite

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Publisher: Canongate

Elle is a Leapling: born on a leap day (29th February) and with the ability to leap backwards and forwards through time.

On her twelfth birthday she’ll take her first official leap, on a school field trip to 2048. They’ll visit the Time Squad Centre, a time-travelling crime-fighting organisation. But when Elle, in 2020, receives a cryptic SOS text message sent from someone in 2048 she knows something is wrong in the future. Who sent it? Why?

Someone’s in trouble in 2048 – and it’s up to Elle to figure out who it is, and how to save them.

A time-travelling science fiction adventure combined with crime mystery, The Infinite is fresh, exciting, bold and witty. Elle loves running, white food and her Nigerian heritage, but she dislikes eye contact, being stared at, too much noise, bullies and anything that makes her head too full. Managing everyday experiences can be hard, but her determination, curiosity and intelligence help her pursue her goals while the sparky friendship between Elle and her best friend Big Ben is touching and entertaining.

A diverse cast of unique individuals, a complex narrator, and a character-driven plot with ethical undertones makes this a book not to be missed.

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