The Chocolate Dog

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Publisher: Scholatic

Amy is fed up. She is already big sister to the annoying, mermaid obsessed Lara and now her mum is pregnant again. This baby is proving to be trouble before it is even born: mum is cranky and tired, dad is cross all the time, and the only one who seems to have any time for Amy is her loyal dog Choc.

When Amy finds out she will have to share a room with the messy Lara once the baby is born she decides enough is enough and runs away. It is up to Choc to reunite the family and show Amy how important she is to everyone.

With superb black and white illustrations by Sharon Rentta, this beautifully-written story shows that changes can be unsettling for everyone, and that sometimes recognising that others are struggling too can help you find your true place in the family. A delightful story that will charm young readers, as well as helping them to deal with difficult times.

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