The Cartoons that Saved the World

Publisher: Chicken House

Best buddies Finn and Isha love creating awesome comics together, but their friendship is derailed when Isha announces she is moving to America. The pair try to put their differences aside when they receive a plea for help from some cartoon characters who are stranded in the real world. Using a magic pen, Finn attempts to send the lost toons home, but something goes wrong and he and Isha are blasted into Toon World instead.

They get separated, but luckily Finn runs into some old friends – their own cartoon creations, Arley, Tapper and Jenny Weatherlegs – who promise to help find Isha. Toon president, Bill Dozer, offers his assistance, but he is not what he seems and has some startling plans for this bonkers, two-dimensional universe. Can Finn and Isha save Toon World from total destruction, return to their own world and, most importantly, get their friendship back on track?

This offbeat story is bursting with fun language, imaginative scenarios, zany characters and oodles of creative thinking. With short chapters and dynamic cartoon illustrations zipping across every page, this is an ideal tale for reluctant readers. The second book in a series, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone tale.

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