The Bubble Wrap Boy

(4 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Penguin

Charlie is teased at school and harassed at home by his over protective Mum. But he knows that if he can only discover that one special thing that he's good at, he will no longer feel like a laughing stock. While out doing his deliveries one day, Charlie spots a kid skateboarding and decides he wants to give it a try. However, things are never that simple and when his Mum finds out about his secret hobby, she is not very happy.

The Bubble Wrap Boy is a book that will make you laugh. Whether it's Charlie's mother making him wear goggles to decorate the Christmas Tree, or the constant reference to his being short, this is a funny book. It also manages to be quite touching as the story unfolds to reveal the true reason behind Charlie's Mum's paranoia about his safety. This is a book that deals with a lot of the worries we all experience in our lives. Through Charlie's journey, the author shows us how important it is to find your own way in the world, no matter what others may think.

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