The Awesome Power of Sleep

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How Sleep Super-Charges Your Teenage Brain

Publisher: Walker Books

This informative non-fiction book looks at the science of sleep and explores the crucial role it plays in the physical and mental health of teenagers.

The early chapters focus on a range of scientific studies, investigating what happens to the brain during different stages of sleep, how sleep – or lack of it – affects learning and concentration, and the impact of diet and exercise on sleep. The latter part of the book provides strategies to deal with a variety of sleep issues, including difficulty getting to sleep, waking up in the night and managing bad dreams.

There are quizzes to help readers evaluate their own sleep experience, along with suggestions to monitor this, for instance, keeping a sleep diary. The concept of good sleep hygiene is discussed, which involves eliminating negative factors (such as screens or excessive noise) and establishing positive practices (for example, reading a book or meditation), as well as developing a relaxing bedtime routine.

The clear layout, accessible style and excellent balance of scientific research and practical advice makes this an invaluable book for any teenager who is experiencing sleep problems. It is also an ideal resource for schools to promote discussion about health and wellbeing.

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