The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Alex has always felt she’s a little different. Home-schooled by an eccentric uncle until year 7, when she joins secondary school she finds it really hard to make friends. Even her teacher nicknames her ‘Alex Nobody’. Then there are the groups of oddly-dressed people that often seem to be following her – that’s not normal, right? But when she meets Jasper, everything changes – except her new best friend seems to be lying to her.

Who is Jasper really? And who is Alex? Or, more accurately, who will Alex be in the future? When she discovers that time-travel is real, and accidentally finds herself in the year 2100 – unknowingly breaking all sorts of laws in the process – Alex embarks on a mission to save Jasper from the future authorities, who want to punish him just for being Alex’s friend.

‘Alex Nobody’ is a character-driven adventure packed with thought-provoking ideas, from time-travel scenarios to identity and the value of friendship. Interwoven within the adventure there’s lots of science and – perhaps surprising for a book largely set in the future – elements of history. As Alex tackles the idea that in the future she could be someone famous (but for what? for something good – or for something bad?), she learns how to believe in herself and her potential, and that no one is ever a nobody.

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