The Adventures of the New Cut Gang

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Thunderbolt, Benny, Bridie, Sharky Bob and the Peretti twins are the members of the New Cut gang - a rag-tag group of resourceful and plucky young rascals who get up to all manner of adventures on the streets of Victorian Lambeth. In a world of petty crooks, showmen, pigeon fanciers, pickpockets, eccentric adventures and market traders, the New Cut Gang set about solving mysteries and dispensing their own particular brand of justice.

This volume brings together two entertaining, humourous and warm-hearted tales about the New Cut Gang: 'Thunderbolt's Waxworks' and 'The Gasfitters Ball'. Philip Pullman brilliantly evokes the atmosphere of late Victorian London, incorporating plenty of lively period detail and entertaining Victorian slang, to create an authentic and engaging world that young readers will delight in exploring. Illustrations by Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown provide the perfect finishing touch.

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