The Accidental Wizard

Publisher: Scholastic

It’s not clear who actually thinks that Ripplemintz is a great wizard. Nor is it entirely clear what happened to each of his recent apprentices – but one thing is for sure, none of them ever came back.

The only one left is Twig and most of his time is spent clearing up the mess left by Ripplemintz’s more ‘experimental’ magic. Until, one day, a freak accident turns Twig from a humble apprentice to an all-powerful wizard.

That probably sounds pretty amazing - but Twig quickly discovers that fame and power bring a whole heap of problems. And trying to get his old life back involves scheming witches, a hag named Vile, an incredibly grumpy gnome and a vicious, smelly ogre who wants to eat him.

Well-rounded, feisty characters and a plot fizzing with energy are complemented by magical, black and white illustrations. If you like the sort of humour involving pus-filled boils and donkey farts, this boisterous fantasy adventure is the story for you - though Twig’s story also explores some contemporary, personal issues such as peer pressure, the nature of fame and understanding what makes us happy.

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