That's My Daddy!

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Publisher: Egmont

When your daddy wakes up in the morning, is he happy or cross? When he gets dressed, does he wear stripes or spots? Does he stay at home and look after you, does he work outside with animals or inside a kitchen? Is he tall, short or medium? What colour eyes does he have? Which housework tasks does he do – cleaning under the bath, stacking the dishwasher, making the breakfast?

Featuring a lovely array of different dad activities for all manner of different dads, That’s My Daddy! is an inclusive, adorable book that asks children who their daddy is and what he does. Dads of all ethnic heritage are featured (there is a dad in a wheelchair, but otherwise not a huge variety of differently abled dads) with a wide range of jobs, hobbies and characteristics; the fact that a stay at home dad is included as an option is refreshing, as is the double page spread detailing all the different housework jobs that dads do. As they read, children can choose what their dad does and what kind of dad he is and know that whatever and whoever he is, all dads are different, and there’s no one way to be a great one.

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