Ted Rules the World

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

When a new Prime Minister is elected on Ted’s birthday, strange things begin to happen. At first, Ted thinks it’s a happy coincidence that some of his ideas become government policy, such as extending weekends to include Mondays.

However, as his more obscure thoughts are adopted by the Prime Minister, for example, giving out free Premier League collector’s cards in schools, he wonders if he is genuinely influencing parliamentary decisions. If so, how is this happening, and could he use his new-found power to make the world a better place?

This light-hearted, humorous tale contains a range of specialist features designed to help dyslexic and reluctant readers, including a unique, dyslexia-friendly font and clear spacing to stop pages from becoming overcrowded.

The text is edited to a reading age of seven, while the content will appeal to older children. At just over 50 pages long, the story is divided into short chapters. This provides natural breaks for those who may find large blocks of text daunting, helping to build confidence and stamina.

The cover illustrations are by Chris Riddell, while Cate James’ internal black-and-white artwork adds interest and detail, helping children to visualise the characters.

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