Tales From Beyond The Rainbow

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Ten LGBTQ+ fairy tales proudly reclaimed

Publisher: Penguin Random House

You may have heard the famous fairy tales of Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, and Hansel and Gretel... but have you come across Tu'er Shen, the Rabbit God? The three brave spinners who defeat an evil sorceror? Or Lukas, the poor peasant who tricked the Devil?

These ancient stories, largely left out of the fairy tale anthologies, have been rediscovered and given new life in this stunningly illustrated book. These aren't just the tales of brave male knights and damsels in distress - in this collection of folklore spanning cultures and histories from all over the world, a non-binary warrior can find their true love, a transgender queen can rule the Dahomey kingdom, and a simple sailor and a bewitched prince can live happily ever after.

Each story has its own beautiful full-page black and white illustration, and simple but powerful text means these epic tales of LGBTQ+ identities are bound to be remembered and told again and again, earning their rightful place in the fairy tale canon. There are helpful explainers in the back of the book about the origins of each story, and the importance of preserving and retelling folklore that celebrates queer history.

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