Wilder Than Midnight

Publisher: Puffin

Wild Rose has been raised in the forest by wolves and the Forest Folk who mine precious gems for the queen. Born without the lower part of her arm, she was rejected by her mother but has grown into a resourceful, independent young woman.

Aurelia is a cursed princess locked in a tower but she is also a girl with wings and a plan. Saffy is a dutiful daughter harbouring a growing longing for adventure and excitement.

When fate brings these three together, the world had better be ready because the secrets that have kept the people of Silverthorne in their place for generations are about to be exposed. And there will be consequences.

With hints at the roots of classic fairy stories, the magical storytelling in this multi-layered tale weaves a spell without resorting to any actual magic.

Expect all the heroism, bravery, plotting, scheming and deception of a traditional folk tale but don’t expect to find damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by handsome princes or heroic woodcutters. These girls have attitude and intend to take control of their own destinies.

Celebrating individuality and difference, this is a remarkable and engrossing adventure brimming with positivity and determination.

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