Secret Beast Club: The Unicorns of Silver Street

Publisher: Puffin

Best friends Aisha and Jayden are intrigued when a colourful canal boat moors up near their London block of flats. They are astounded to learn that the boat is actually the headquarters of the Secret Beast Club, an undercover society set up in the 1800s to protect magical creatures. Head of the club, Leila Fanque, is delighted to discover that both children have the gift of magic sight, enabling them to see magical realms which are invisible to most humans.

Leila enlists their help to locate a missing unicorn foal, who has escaped the safety of a Bewilder Bubble, and has now mysteriously disappeared from Hackney Marshes. He must be found before he falls into the hands of SUUCS – Seekers of Unusual and Unique Creatures Society – an unscrupulous organisation which hunts magical creatures. Aisha and Jayden’s first mission is fraught with danger and they must think and act fast if they are to save the young unicorn.

Black-and-white illustrations are dotted throughout the chapters, helping to bring the magical setting to life. This exciting first book in the Secret Beast Club series features Black main characters and is ideal for confident young readers who enjoy fantasy adventures.

Mae Aisha a Jayden sy'n ffrindiau gorau yn chwilfrydig pan ddaw cwch camlas lliwgar ac angori ger eu bloc o fflatiau yn Llundain. Maen nhw wedi'u syfrdanu i ddeall mai pencadlys y Secret Beast Club ydy'r cwch go iawn, sef cymdeithas gudd a sefydlwyd yn y 1800au i amddiffyn creaduriaid hudol. Mae Leila Fanque, pennaeth y clwb, wrth ei bodd o ddarganfod bod gan y ddau blentyn allu arbennig hudol, sy'n eu galluogi i weld teyrnasoedd hud a lledrith nad yw'r rhan fwyaf o bobl yn gallu eu gweld.

Y llyfr llawn cyffro hwn ydy'r cyntaf yn y gyfres Secret Beast Club ac mae'n cynnwys prif gymeriadau Duon ac mae'n ddelfrydol ar gyfer darllenwyr ifanc hyderus sy'n mwynhau anturiaethau ffantasïol.

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