Marv and the Dino Attack

Publisher: Oxford

Marvin, a secret superhero with a robot sidekick named Pixel, is super excited because he’s going on a school trip to the Natural History Museum to see some REAL dinosaur bones.

Yet, when the dinosaur bones come unexpectedly alive, Marv the superhero has to leap into action to confront Rex, the evil supervillain that seems to be behind the dinosaur attack. Can Marv save the day with the help of his magical superhero suit – and make a new friend in the process?

This illustrated early reader is fast paced with plenty of adventure for young readers just making the transition from picture books, or kids that really love books with dynamic illustrations. Marv himself is an inspiring black superhero, and the story’s focus on the importance of friendship and creativity creates an inclusive and welcoming background for a fun dino adventure.

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