SuperJoe does NOT say sorry

Publisher: Lantana

SuperJoe is always busy. There are aliens to send packing, a ship to rescue from a giant squid, and a dangerous dinosaur to scare off. After he’s done all of these heroic things, there are consequences in the real world – a mug is broken, water is all over the bathroom, and he’s woken his baby sister. When his dad asks him to say sorry, SuperJoe says that superheroes don’t say sorry – they’re much too busy! But when his sister won’t stop crying, he realises that perhaps it is time to apologise, and to clear up the mess.

Readers with lots of energy and imagination will recognise themselves in the energetic SuperJoe, who is appealing even when causing chaos! The gentle lesson that it’s good to say sorry doesn’t detract from the wonderful imaginary games.

The illustrations are lively and friendly, and the action scenes are great fun. It’s refreshing to see Dad holding the baby and the mop, rather than Mum, even when both parents are present. It’s also refreshing to see a Black boy as a superhero. Funny and charming, this book is simply super!

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