Super Dweeb and the Pencil of Destiny

Publisher: Arcturus

Andy may be a dweeb but he has an awesome imagination and is great at drawing. He loves to create his own comic book adventure stories and wishes he could be the hero in one of his tales. Instead, he is tormented by real-life super villain Mean Mike and his gang of goons.

New girl Mona is supercool and Andy is delighted when they are partnered for the school trip to radioactive Fallout Island. Despite his doubts about the safety of the excursion, Andy embraces the opportunity to do some sketching. He is upset when a mischievous squirrel steals his pencil and drops it into a drum of toxic waste but is amazed to discover that the glowing pencil has the power to bring his drawings to life. However, he must ensure it does not fall into the wrong hands, or there could be catastrophic consequences.

The first in a series, this funny, fast-paced and zany adventure is bursting with colourful cartoon-style illustrations. The short chapters and comic strip format make it ideal for reluctant and young independent readers.

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