Class Six and the Eel of Fortune

Publisher: Bloomsbury


It’s the return of Class Six and they’re as mischievous as ever. After the events of the Very Big Rabbit, the kids must make sure that Mrs Knowall doesn’t find out that their school is secretly magic. This means no more flying around the hall, no more history lessons with Robin Hood, and definitely no school trip to the moon.

However, when Miss Broom is sent back to teacher training, and the school is in need of funds for magical supplies, Class Six will have to band together to make this year's school fete one to remember, and Class Six have just the trick… An eel that can see the future.

Class Six and the Eel of Fortune keeps up the irreverent and fast-paced nature of the first book, while also ratcheting up the hilarity. Prue’s writing is packed full of one-liners, and Schauer’s illustrations perfectly emphasise the overall feeling.

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